Manage DNS Zones

Add a DNS Zone

(Home >>DNS Functions >> Add a DNS Zone)

Create a DNS zone

To add a DNS zone, perform the following steps:

    1. Under Domain Selection, enter the IP address in the Ip text box.
    2. Enter the domain name in the Domain text box.
    3. Click Add Zone.

Edit DNS Zone

(Home >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone)

Edit DNS Zone

The Edit DNS Zone interface displays a table of the domain's DNS entries in the following columns:

    • Domain — The domain name.
    • TTL — The DNS entry's TTL.
    • Record Type — The DNS record type.

 Delete a DNS Zone

 (Home >> DNS Functions >> Delete a DNS Zone)

Delete one zone

To delete a single DNS zone, perform the following steps:

    1. Select a domain name from the Choose Zones to Delete menu.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. Click Delete on the next interface to confirm that you wish to delete the selected zone.

Delete multiple zones

To select multiple zones, use command-click in Mac® OS or control-click in Windows® to select the zones from the menu.

If the zones that you wish to delete are grouped together in the list, click the first desired zone and then shift-click the last zone to select all of the zones in between.


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