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Autoresponders in cPanel Print

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To manage autoresponders from your cPanel Main menu go to Home >> Email >> Autoresponders

Autoresponders allow you to configre an automatic response to emails received. (Emails will still be delivered to your inbox even when autoresponders are active.)

Adding or Editing an Autoresponder

1. Click on the Add Autoresponder button to create a new autoresponder. If you wish to edit an autoresponder click on the Edit button next to the autoresponder you wish to edit.

Character Set

Default value is utf-8


Number of hours to wait between responses to same email address (if you set the interval to 0 the system will respond to each email.)


email address for which to respond


domain from which to respond


username to appear in the response
Subject subject to appear in the response
Body message to use on the response
Start you can select when the autoresponder will start (date/time, or immediately)
Stop you can select when the autoresponder will stop (date/time, or never)

2. Click on Create/Modify to save the autoresponder.

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