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Connect to your Windows VPS Nyomtatás

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Connecting to a Windows based server is simple. It can be done through a type of software named, RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol, there are many remote desktop clients you can use to connect, but if you are using a Windows computer, you already have one included named Remote Desktop Connection. For Mac users, you can download alternatives like this: Mac Remote Desktop

To connect to a server using Remote Desktop, follow these easy steps:

  1. If you are running Windows Vista or Window 7 the Remote Desktop Connection can be found at ‘Start,’ ‘All Programs,’ ‘Accessories,’ ‘Remote Desktop Connection.’
    You can also use the search function from any other Windows OS under your start menu, search for "Remote" and you click on "Remote Desktop Connection" to start connecting

  2. The window for the Remote Desktop opens asking for a computer. You enter your server's IP address in this textbox.

  3. Also click on the options arrow in the bottom left corner, this will open more options for the setup. Go to the "Local Resources" tab where you will see a couple of checkboxes for Printers and Clipboard. Underneath these, click on the "more" button and check the checkboxes to allow ports, plug-n-play devices and drivers to be used by the remote computer. After checking these, you can click on OK to exit this window.

  4. Now back in the Remote Desktop window, you can click on "Connect" , this will bring up another window to enter your Username and Password ( provided in your server's welcome email ), after this is entered you can click on ok, to connect to your server.

  5. You are now connected to your Windows server through RDP and can start using your server.

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